Help with Job Search

Hey everyone, so I recently finished my high school’s last Computer Science class they offer and I feel like I have a very firm grasp on Java, or at the very least on what I’ve learned. I would say I’m at an amateur level of programming, but I’m still pretty knowledgeable. Do I have enough experience to try to apply for like an entry-level developer position, or does someone have a better suggestion of what kind of job I should try to find, or that I’m even qualified for anything in the first place?

Entry level development roles expect you to have the equivalent skill and knowledge to a college graduate. Do you have that skill level after four high school classes?

If you’ve enough GitHub projects to showcase to potential employer then go ahead otherwise spend time to build your portfolio projects in next few quarters.

I suggest have a look at and pick up skill which interests you.

IMO Java is getting replaced by other more efficient backend programming languages and it’s used in older projects for now.

In Android world many prefer to use Kotlin over Java as well, so make a call if you wish to do career in that older language itself.