Help with jQuery

Hey I just finished my tribute page and decided to add jQuery on it to make it more fancy. The problem is that when I want to select an id and add an animation it doens’t work. For the selectors like body, header etc it’s working the problem is with the id selectors.

Here is my code

Need help!

So what isn’t working? It seems to work for me.

Honestly it’s working. But it works when page loaded. So you might need to determine some extra conditions like scroll or click or anything that you want. I just googled something and found this for example;

$(window).scroll(function() {
if ($(this).scrollTop() > 0) {
    // apply effects and animations

so I’m not an expert for it but as i told you you should use some extra conditions. Here it’s the source of code.

You may enclose your whole content inside a Div with ID of main.

<div id="main">
 <div id="bloque1 "class="container">
 your content ...........

And give different IDs to your H1 and H3

<h1 class="text-center" id="name"><b>Steve</b>n Paul <b>Jobs</b></h1> 
<h3 class="text-center lead" id="para1">

Add the below rules to your stylesheet

#main {
  display: none;
  overflow-x: hidden;
#name {
  margin-left: -200px;
  transition: 0.6s;
} {
  margin-left: 0;
#para1 {
  margin-right: -200px;
  transition: 0.6s;
#para1.para1 {
  margin-right: 0;

And add the following to your JQuery. You can add as many effects as you want using this technique. There are alot of other techniques too.

$(document).ready(function() {