Help with JS needed

Hello, I’m building simply blog website with JS and I can’t display tags correctly. I’m beginner so I don’t understand much yet. :sweat_smile:
JS code

In the generateTags function.

const ArticleTagsSelector = '.post-tags ul li';

There are no li elements, they are the ones you are creating. The selector string should just be for the ul

const tagWraper = article.querySelectorAll(ArticleTagsSelector);

You just want querySelector, not querySelectorAll

const linkHTML = '<li><a href="#' + tag + '"></a></li>';

You won’t see the links on the page unless you give them some text content.

tag.innerHTML += linkHTML;

tag is an array element, not a DOM element. The line of code isn’t doing anything and isn’t needed.

As an aside. The function tagClickHandler isn’t being used as a handler and you do not have access to event or a click target inside it as it is being called as a plain function.

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