Help with links

*My page is now a link

<script src=""></script>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id= "main">
     <h1 id= "title"> Trump
  <div> The Grestest American President </div>
<a id= "photo-link" href= "" target= "-blank">
<div id=img-div>
  <img id ="image" src=""</a> </img> 
 <div id= "body">
       <p id= "body"> In the short time Donald Trump has been in office he has done more for our country than I have ever seen in my lifetime. So I believe him when he said he is going to make our country great again.</p></div>
<div id = "list"</p>      
    <li>Tax cuts and increased jobs</li>
    <li>Tariffs </li>
    <li> Us is number one in oil production</li>
    <li> Cut back on regulations</li>
    <li> The end of obamacare </li>
    <li> He is pro-life and supports normal marriage.</li>
    <li> He supports gun owners</li>
    <li> He is at war with immigration</li>
          <li> Travel Ban</li>
          <li> DACA</li>
          <li> Family separation at the border</li>
          <li> The Wall </li>
          <li> Government Shutdown</li>

    <li> Foreign policy</li>
    <li> End of ISIS</li>
<div id= "body">
    There many other things he has done, but the media has colored him in a negative way. The Democrats think he is a joke, although they are not laughing now. Even so he has not lost sight of putting America first. 
    To learn more about our national leader goto <a id="wiki-link" href= ""


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Link to the challenge:

I can’t find the mistake.

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You have several problems.

  1. You have open tags without closing tags

  2. You have closing tags for elements which do not have closing tags

  3. Surround all element attribute values with double or single quotes.

  4. Make sure you close a nested element before closing its parent element. You have several instances of this.

  5. All id attribute values should be unique in the page. You have several id=“body”.

You need to carefully review your existing html code and validate each element which needs a closing tag has one. Remove closing tags for elements which are self-closing (i.e. img, input, etc…).

Wow your tearing me apart. i just need a little help not a critique.i guess i can find it on my own. Thanks.

Hi! Is this in or locally on your pc??
if it’s in codepen send me a link I may be able to help you out.

As for what @RandellDawson said, ignoring problems is not
a good habit. It may seem daunting at times when people are
saying oh this sucks and that sucks but for the most part people
on these forums want to try to help. I to have posted unfinished
code when looking for help and sometimes people focus on that
instead of the problem you are trying to solve. You just have to
step back for a minute and not let people make you mad. Typing
has one major draw back in that you can’t type emotion.

One quick thing to, i’m really not sure what your problem is.
In terms of what coding error you are trying to solve. Other than simply
passing test cases.

Here a line as an example of what @RandellDawson means

The img tag is self closing and you have a lost a closing tag between an opening and closing tag of something else
And your img is written like <img without the second bracket

Once you fix these things (this line and others) your page will stop being a link, as that is probably given by an a tag where the browser can’t find the closing tag

@royalgreen50 I tend to try to point out the issues to get users to ask more questions and/or have a starting point of what to fix instead of just telling them how to fix. I never said your code is bad. I merely pointed many problems with it. If you have follow up questions seeking clarification of anything I wrote, please feel free to do so and I will attempt to help you find a few of the issues.

EDIT: The problems I pointed out are part of the problem you are not passing the tests and why most of your page is a link.

yes i fix those but I didn’t understand that that was causing the problem. so forgive me. after going though line by line I fixed it. its my first attempt and I’m failing I really thought I could do this.

If you are failing you are doing great: you are trying
you can’t just succeed, you need to fail before you can succeed

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Well I do know how to fail.

And you have learned how not to do something
So now you know that that is not the right way, and you can try a different way!