Help with Making Adjacent Boxes (Coding Portfolio)

Hey guys!

I’m working on my coding portfolio and I’d like to know how I could make, as the title says, adjacent boxes. I’d like to have maybe a 3 x 4 array of squares where I would put my text inside (Projects completed, contact info, etc.). I obviously haven’t learned how to do this yet but I’d at least like to know how to do so.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Bootstrap grid layouts may help you. Search the forum for previous questions and answers relating to Bootstrap for more details.

Use the css float property to get block level elements to render beside each other. imho, it is good to understand how to do this with pure css but there are css frameworks like bootstrap as well as others that have built-in grid systems that make page layout pretty easy. Do some research on mdn in the css tutorials or google css float to get more info on this subject. Hope this helps