Help with media queries on mobile size

having issues getting these to work on everything (go figure, these are an absolute pain in the ass).
current problems are on mobile size where the description area will not keep the text from overlapping. have tried removing height, and several other ideas from Stackoverflow to help and surprise! nope. (starting at line 186, CSS)

second is main img wont size down to mobile either, have tried different px selections (this is on smallest devices) in the 3-400 range. desktop to tablet is okay, once it gets too small it simply deletes. again, hours of effing with tons of things to try and make it work. one is currently commented out right now. (line 356, CSS)

keep in mind: this is still totally under construction, i have many things still to add and finalize, delete and so on, probably only half done.

any input would be appreciated before I 2007 Britney Spears myself.

This fixed height doesn’t offer enough space for the content. If you remove it, the content doesn’t overlap.


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super, it was in there twice, and i see now that i only removed it once. now that’s better. ideas on the main photo perhaps?