Help with my Gulp setup

I would REALLY like to get a Gulp process going that does linting/error checking for me. I followed the tutorial: and have committed it to github. I migrated the Gulp process into the FCC “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” I am currently working on. The Gulp webserver is working :slight_smile: Eventually I would like Gulp to lint for html, Twitter Bootstrap, css, and js errors.

There is no linting in that tutorial. This morning I tried to add eslint and jslint using npm packages, but ran into issues. Something is messed up with my js linting in Sublime at too.
Has anyone used Gulp to lint their js? I want to be working on the personal portfolio project today, not debugging my ide and Gulp setup. Thanks

Hi jastuccio, could you elaborate on the sort of issues you’re having? Maybe quote an error message you’re getting?

I’ve set up eslint like this:

const gulp = require('gulp');
const eslint = require('gulp-eslint');

gulp.task('lint', () => {                                                       
   return gulp.src('src/**/*.js')                                               

Thanks Mjjan. I can’t remember exactly what was going on when I posted this. I was frustrated having spent a bunch of time in Webpack then switching back to Gulp. This request for help was not well explained. I am like a cat with a string when it comes to shiny new tools.

I started using VS Code and setup jshint and some html/css linting there. I can also run bootlint from the command line in VSC. I was not sure how to add bootlint directly to VSC. That is good enough for now and I am focusing on getting the projects complete. Someday I will revisit my Gulp file and take another stab at Webpack :smiley: