Help with my portfolio. all suggestions and feedback welcome

I need help making my portfolio really cool. I’m trying to redo it and here’s a link to the codepen where I’m working on it:
I also don’t know how to make the resume button download a resume, any help with this would be much appreciated. I don’t know which javascript features to add to make it cool. Is the space background photo a bit much? Any suggestions are appreciated

Hi @dmoneyballer,

For your resume download button, read through some resources on the HTML <a> tag download Attribute. Useful resources for this are and MDN.

You’ll need to host your .PDF somewhere. I found Cloudinary to be very useful for this kind of thing (they have a liberal free tier that takes seconds to set up).

Hope that helps!

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that helps a ton, I was wondering where to host a copy of my resume on the interwebz, I appreciate it.

It also looks like the texts inside your pictures are overflowing vertically.

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I resized it to 1 em and I think that takes care of it, thanks for pointing that out.

It looks better!

I would also change cursors when mouse hovers on other buttons and try making your about text more readable. You can make its size bigger, give some line-height and make it not so stretched out.

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I was able to change the cursor and add line height. Is there a css property that lets only a certain number of characters per line?


But I would create text-container and set it to certain width like 60% so the words inside will naturally wrap within the text-container.

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The navigation bar looks a little weird. Look up examples of one, and if you even really need one.

Make the box box have a background color or something with a opacity. The green and white text is hard to read.

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less is more…
green text is not readable and weather app doesnt work
If u aim for front end u kinda need to focus more on css.
Api calls is good but what is it for?

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