Help with my portfolio porject

Hello everyone!

I’m a little bit stock with my portfolio project. I’ll appreciate some feedback and ideas to make better.

looks like all functionality are working just fine.

Now if you are stuck with ui try to search “portfolio template” in google or any search engine then you will see a lot of blog sharing lot of template check out those templates. you will have an idea of your own how to level up your own portfolio.

and one more thing, don’t panic about portfolio right now eventually you have to come back to update your portfolio when you complete all the frontend projects .At that time you have a lot experience ,skill and you will think differently so don’t push yourself too much for this project right now.

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Thanks a lot mones-cse. I think I need to move on. I just don’t feel that it is alright now and that frustraste me. I will follow your advice. Thanks again.