Help with my portfolio

Hey guys,

I finished my portfolio last night. I would like to get some feedback, howerver I noticed that on mobile devices my does not autoplay and it overflows its div. Any idea how I can fix this ?


This is the link to my website

and this is the code

Thank you so much in advance.

Video never autoplays on mobile. Because of bandwidth restrictions etc. mobile browser makers have purposely disabled autoplay. You have to click something to enable the video to run. Video on mobile devices is really iffy, I suggest just disabling the video and using a gif or image on mobile devices.

Thank you, I will probrably remove the video on mobile devices. Did the video autoplayed for you when you opened the website? I just want to make sure it works before I start attaching it to job applications. This is more of a soft deployment.

Yes, I am on my laptop, so it did autoplay, and it looks cool, well done!

Thank you, I’m very excited, It’s my first “big project” with a real life purpose.

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