Help with my technical documentation page

I am having a bit of trouble with two remaining stories on my technical documentation page (#7 and #13)

On #7, where exactly should the list be placed?
On #13, what exactly needs to be fixed in order to get my navbar to correspond to the main doc?

** Here’s the link:

Where do you think it should be placed according to the applicable User Story? Where have you put it (we would need to see your code)?

Without seeing your code, this is impossible to answer. Please reply back with a link to your code (i.e. Codepen, JSFiddle, etc.).

Thank you.

Hello Randell,

Sorry about that! I guess I was in such a hurry to get help that I forgot to put the link for my code.

Here’s the link:

Hey there!

I’ve looked through your code and I think I figured it out.
Regarding the list, you need to place the <li></li> tags inside the <section class="main-section"></section> tag. It doesn’t matter which one.
On #13th user story, you’re not passing it because there is a typo in one of your navigation href values. Just double check them, it should be easy to find.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Okay, so I figured out what I did wrong with user story #13, however, I still don’t get what to do on user story #7.


Would I need to place just one tag from each section underneath the class=“main-section”?

I suppose you could. But what #7 needs you to do is basically this:

<section class="main-section" id="first_section">
   /* The rest of the code */

Though all 5 list items don’t have to be in a single section, there could be 2 in one and 3 in another, or one in each, whatever works for you.

Just tried out the list format, and it still says I’m not getting it right. I thought so sure I had the tags aligned where they would be under the class=“main-section” but it still is wrong and I don’t know why.

That’s… really strange.
I remixed the code and tried it out manually myself and it works just fine for me. Maybe the header part needs to be on top, try putting it at the bottom of the section, after all the other code instead, like this:

It could be I forgot and made a mistake with the previous comment. If this works then… my bad :slight_smile:

Okay, I figured out where I went wrong and it finally works! I’m still curious as to why it wouldn’t work the it was originally (maybe due to actually having to put in list format) but anyway, thank you so much for responding to my question and helping me with this project.

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