Help with my Tribute page!

Trying to get embedded youtube videos underneath each other, but every time I insert the code underneath it embeds the video to the right.

Also, I would appreciate some feedback.



I’m still learning myself, but maybe you can put it in a div and auto margin it?


I think I found out what it was, I wasn’t using a bootstrap viewpoint and it was placing the videos next to each other. Now I’m struggling to get all the video’s to be responsive. I’ve added a div to each one and CSS video container code… But it only seems to do one video.

I agree - you’ll have more control of your layout in general if you use <div class="row"> as a container for a group of <div class="col"> containers. Right now you’re wrapping your sections in <p>...</p> tags which could definitely cause odd behaviors (since they’re used for text, not layout.)

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