Help with my Tribute Page

Hi, I’m brand new at this and struggling a little bit. Could someone look at my tribute page and tell me what’s wrong with it?

First of all the content you have inside the script tags you can cut and paste it to the CSS sheet without the script tags. Then you need to continue improving the style of the page choosing new fonts and choosing the right font sizes. The best way to improve your design is testing a lot and changing a lot of things till you get happy with the design.

I agree with evedes. You don’t have to add the styles to the html editor copy it t the css editor window without the tags as they are not required. Try to use a bullet list and describe Mr. Fred and make it a bit more cleaner look. Change your font size to a smaller size, just play around with it…

Ok, i’ve added the styles to the css window. One big problem I have is when I look at it on mobile it looks terrible. Nothing lines up the way I want it to. Am I using bootstrap incorrectly?

take a look at mine… I am new also, I have done this challenge and again this is practice, practice, practice. It will take us a bit before we will become experts but practice makes perfect.

Very cool, nice and clean looking. Yeah I know next to nothing but I won’t let that discourage me, I’ll just keep plugging away until I get it.

Yea just think of it as this is where you will get a chance to put to work what you are learning and practice practice practice…