Help with on Click event, quote not changing


Obviously in the early stages here. I have a few arrays that I’m going to use for my quotes (will deal with that later) but just wanted to sort out changing the text in my quote to begin with.

I have set up a JQuery event that is meant to, at this stage, remove the #quote paragraph from the #quotediv div, and then append a new #quote paragraph. Obviously further down the track I will change what is in the new paragraph to randomly select one of the quotes, but at this stage I can’t get it to do anything.

TLDR: When I click on the #quotebutton button, nothing happens. I am trying to get it to change the

element of my quote for a new one.
Any advice?

Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to read


There is no JavaScript added to the same that’s why button click event isn’t working.

Go to settings --> JavaScript --> Quick-add : Jquery.

It will work.
Hope this helps.

All the best.

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Thanks! Something so simple but so important :slight_smile: