Help with one nav bar links on my portfolio project

Can anybody spot what I´m doing wrong here? When I run the test this is the only user story that doesn´t pass:

  • User Story #7: The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page.

Thank you

The div's you are using are causing the issue. The test is expecting you to use section HTML elements.

So replace the welcome-section and projects div elements with section elements and the test will pass. is a fork of your codepen. You can use it to see that the test now passes.


I tried it that way and still the same problem. If I run the test only on my HTML code it passes that User Story what makes it even weirder. Any idea?


So if you run my codepen that I linked it still stops at test 7 for you? It doesn’t pass all 12 tests?

Yes, Thank you. It passes, but you hadn´t closed the first Section tag. You had left the closing Div as it was before, so the format wasn´t right. I changed that so the appearance was back to normal but the test doesn´t pass. I don´t get it. :woozy_face: