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I done all the requirements according to the texts and it keeps failing on the last few tests
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Challenge: Personal Library

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if you can also provide the code of your project, that would made possible from people to help debug

GitHub - obb12/personallibrary here is the code

Hello there,

When I submit your project, these are some errors from the assertions:

Try fixing them, one by one.

Hope this helps


is it not looking the format of the comments array?

This is what I see with your latest code:

Error: expected [ Array(1) ] to be an object
    at eval

When I try to use the frontend to test your app, it crashes on a POST with comment. Look into this.

im interested on what kinda formats it tests for that part

Sure. Here are the tests:

[ { "id": 3, "comment": "This book is fab!", "bo - what my api returns and its expecting comments[i] to be a string?

I will say again, there is a bigger issue with your app. It crashes, when you try to use the comment functionality on the API. I would fix this first - will make testing easier, and maybe you will stumble on the issue.

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