Help with Personal Portfolio Page Project

I just started my portfolio page, and I’m having one small problem.
I’m trying to create the welcome section, and I want the background to cover the whole screen, like this one. But when I add the background, it is not filling the whole screen. I wasn’t able to use margins too to push it to fill the whole page. Can I please get some help?

Welcome to the forums @qwerty123. Without seeing your code all anyone can do is guess what issue you’re having.
The more information you provide, the more people will be able to help.

That said, did you try searching for something like css background cover?

EDIT: I see there’s a link to your code. Don’t know how I missed it.
I think what you’re looking for is a CSS reset.

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper left of the CSS input area
  2. Under CSS Base select the Reset radio button
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Thanks a lot this helped!

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You’re welcome.

Take the time and do a search on “css reset” to get an understanding of what it is, what it does and how you can add it yourself to your stylesheet.

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