Help with Personal Portfolio Project (Responsive Web Design)

Hi, I’ve almost completed the tasks on the Personal Portfolio project but I’m a bit stuck. My project is here: I’m passed all the tests apart from the one which is:“the height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.”
I’m getting stuck as I’ve created 2x flex-box/ grids but can’t get the id="welcome-section to 100vh. I thought by adding the id to all my elements, that might count as 100vh but I still can’t pass the task. Any advice? I thought I could maybe create just one flex grid for the whole page and add the id to that but I’m not sure. Thanks in advance.

Hi again!

Your HTML got few issues. What you can do is, first read carefully your HTML, see if everything is open and closed correctly, if you use the good syntaxes etc. Also, at the top right of each document (HTML, CSS, JS), you have an arrow, if you click on it you will have few options including one called `Analyze HTML". Run it and check what you can fix first in the HTML. Leave the CSS for a moment and try to have a good structure for the HTML first. Sorry if I don’t explain well where is the debug option I put you a picture:

You can also use the following website if you want:

Hi @LucLH ,

Thank you for the help. It is appreciated. I’ve analysed my HTML. I think I’ve found a solution; I’ve actually completely re-written my html and looked back over the course.

It is a good solution and a good way to keep a visual in your mind. The portfolio was the last project, so if you did everything in order congrats for the certificate :wink:

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