Help with poor sizing for mobile

Hi Folks,
I finished by Portfolio page, at screen sizes <556 pixels (approx), i get a maddening white line down the right side of the screen, making the mobile experience poorer.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

What maddening white line???

WTF :thinking: -
it used to have a white line the full height of the page, including the “hi” stripe and i couldnt find the issue in dev tools and endless CSS tweaking of all widths.

i cant get it to perform the same error now! Maybe Github took a few minutes to update my latest commit… :flushed:

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Voila - as above.
I get to scroll left and right on mobile… :thinking: Really horrible
Ive tried to see what widths are forcing to do this at that size but im lost.

Github repo here;

Ok, I’ve had this problem before, and fixed it. It is because your @media query only has the max-width of 625 as the smallest. So the browser will try to adjust it to 600px width. I think that’s what the issue is.

Hey mate,
I tried that for a fix, it didnt work, thanks for the suggestion anyhow.
The hunt continues… tomorrow. :face_with_monocle:

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