Help with portfolio Draft 1

Hello all, I am currently working on my portfolio, Draft 1:

Here are my current issues with it:

  • Navigation Bar I am not sure if it works or how changing colors?
  • After I added the images on my portfolio, the content after that section moved to the right, I am not sure why and I don’t know how to fix it?
  • My likedin button is a bit weird, I am not sure If I should use bootstrap instead of css?
  • Another question, I want to use the whole space widewise for my contact but I dont know if that is codepen layout? or if I have done somethin :confused:
  • At the moment I am not using colors as I want to have the layout complete before adding seomthing else.


Hey @xiomara.masmela,

Regarding the navigation bar, I did not see any nav element in your code, so I can only guess you are referring to the three links under your name. If you want to change those, you have to add a CSS rule to your .topnavbar class .

The section underneath your portfolio, does not have any CSS styling rules to let it position itself, so if you want to position it differently, you have to tell it so.

Your LinkedIn button is only an anchor tag and if you wish it to be different, then change it into a button element.

If you want your contact section to be the entire width of the screen, make sure to add a CSS rule as follows:

#contact {

Other than that, I noticed you have an extra equals sign in your contact div. Make sure to fix that.

Hello @TomerPacific Thanks for your feedback, currently working on it!