Help with Portfolio image and column

Hello, I have two problems actually. The first is my link in the About <div> img src url isn’t working. I linked to a pic on my github, and I can’t see what I did wrong, The second part is that that section should be divided up into two columns one a col-8 and one a col-4(that is where I put the image), but they aren’t showing up either. Here’s the link to the pen, I wanted to embed it, but I’m not sure how to do that either…Thanks in advance for your help!


The problem with your image is that you are not linking to an image. If you open the URL you will see it shows the GitHub UI with the image, but you need only the image. Right click the image and select copy image url (or something like that) for the actual image. The copied URL should be:

Hy Margaret,

This is what You want to achive?

I added some comments to see what I changed in your code. :slight_smile: