Help with Project "Technical Documentation Page"

Hello, im having trouble with User Story #4, #10, #12 and #13. I’ve already checked for different solutions for each one and i can’t sort out what’s wrong with my code (im fairly new, my apologies if it’s somewhat messy.)

Here’s the link to my project:

and here are the user stories im having trouble with:

User Story #4: Each section element with the class of main-section should also have an id that corresponds with the text of each header contained within it. Any spaces should be replaced with underscores (e.g. The section that contains the header “JavaScript and Java” should have a corresponding id="JavaScript_and_Java" ).

User Story #10: Additionally, the navbar should contain link ( a ) elements with the class of nav-link . There should be one for every element with the class main-section .

User Story #12: Each element with the class of nav-link should contain text that corresponds to the header text within each section (e.g. if you have a “Hello world” section/header, your navbar should have an element which contains the text “Hello world”).

User Story #13: When I click on a navbar element, the page should navigate to the corresponding section of the main-doc element (e.g. If I click on a nav-link element that contains the text “Hello world”, the page navigates to a section element that has that id and contains the corresponding header .

Thanks in advance!

I’ll get you started here. You have seven <section>s with class main-section but only six meet this requirement. I’d look closer at the first one.

I got user story 4 fixed, thank you! Don’t know how it slipped by me so easily.

It’s a common problem when you’ve been staring at it for a while :slight_smile:
Try to go into the remaining errors with fresh eyes and I’m sure you will be able to solve the rest.

Fixing user story 4 made me realize where i was wrong on the rest and i already got them fixed, thanks a lot!