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I’ve tried solving this myself for an hour and then decided to come to the forums to see what I can find. I’ve even tried copying code from here and I’m still not making any progress/ I feel like I understand the concept its just how the work is laid - out is tripping me up

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function wordBlanks(myNoun, myAdjective, myVerb, myAdverb, a, b, c,d){
var result = "";
const myNoun = "dog";
const myAdjective = "big";
const myVerb = "ran";
const myAdverb = "quickly";
a = "cat";
b = "little";
c = "hit";
d = "slowly";

results = "The" + myAdjective + "and fiesty" + myNoun + "have" + myVerb + "very" + myAdverb + "." + "My" + b + " " + a + "has been" + c + " " + d + ".";
return result;
wordBlanks("dog", "big", "ran", "quickly");
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Challenge: Word Blanks

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What is this? You weren’t asked to turn the code into a function.

I’d reset the challenge because you have added a bunch of stuff you were not supposed to.

Hi HollyWhat, you should only change the line with the comment // Change this line , so know you’re focused in one line. Then, you can try using non-word characters like a space on other symbols to separate the sentence using the above variables. For example:

const wordBlanks = var1 + "(here-put-a-non-word-character)" + var2 ...

Hope to help you!!

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i got it - thank you for the help!!

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