Help with random quote machine, getting only short quotes

Hi everyone. I’m almost done with my Random quote Machine. I was having overflowing issues that I decided to solve by only letting quotes shorter than 130 characters into my #quote div.
Here’s what I did to the getQuote function:

function getQuote() {
  $.getJSON(url, function(data) {
    if ((data.quoteText).length < 130){
  } else {

The problem is that if the quote is longer than 130 characters, it doesn’t print anything to the html, so the user has to click again. I added a call to the getQuote function in the else statement which solves the problem only if you don’t get two consecutive long quotes. It should keep getting quotes until it gets a short one.
Can anyone help me fix this?

Here’s my full code in case you need to see it:
And here’s the live version:


You need to call getQuote inside the ready callback function. Currently, the only way to get a new quote is to click the button.