Help with Random Quote -

I have been searching for hours to find a website where I can request an API for random quotes or funny jokes… Any clues… I am trying to stick to the rules of not reverse engineering…


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I used the Stands4 network. Other options include and forismatic.

This will give you a random quote for free

Thanks for the guidance…

I have just begun the JS part and I am testing to see if the I can JSON.stringify( json ); nothing show up on my page
I can not get the raw data to show on the page… the random quote machine

Although I didn’t use this myself, I know a number of FCC’ers have used

Well after two hours of annoyance and half help from the chat room I was able to work it out - not that anyone in the chat room or FCC bothered to explain any of the cross browser problems that might come up - but that’s ok


That is actually how you get the quote

thank you… how did you figure the last part of the URL… appreciate it.

The jsonp/callback stuff was the help i got in the discussion forum - no expalanation why - but it has to do with crossbrowser issues which are a jquery problem that often comes up but FCC hasn’t talked about (yet hopefully - as it’s a major issue)

Explanation’s here: