Help with React & React-Query project,

Any react-query wizards here?

I’ve spent a month working on a react flashcard app. I started it because I was supposed to be studying and thought making a flashcard app would be even more fun than studying!

i promised myself I’d stop working on it by the end of the month, and now that it’s December 1st I have to put it on the backburner.

Every time I made progress I’d run into another obstacle and i’m really proud of how far I got.

I can add new flashcard decks, add new cards, review deck, progress forward and back, keep track of the cards already reviewed and track ongoing statistics on how you’ve performed for each card.

My ONE remaining problem is that if I add more than one card in a row, my database cache won’t update with react query.

I have a git hub repo here, and if someone is able to help I can give more specific details on the components causing the issues.