Help with recovering a code

so i’m creating a form element and it needs me to nest the input from a previous code challenge, the problem is that i took that input from its original position do use it for the current challenge, now i don’t remember its original position from the previous challenge , can you please assist on how to restore to the previous code before i altered it because now i cant even go back to the previous challenges to restore and continue, i’m fraustrated

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Use the reset code button to bring the challenge back to the initial state

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wont it reset my entire progress? on a side note, i was able to pass that challenge

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If you need to reset a challenge, it will only reset the challenge.
Not the whole curriculum.

To reset the whole curriculum, you would have to go into your settings, scroll all of the way down and then reset the whole curriculum.

Hope that clears it up.

i got the solution, but for future references, will rest code restore the working code from the previous challenge?

The reset code button will only reset that current challenge.
When you try to go back to a previous one your solution from earlier will already be reset to the starter code.

Reset code button will only reset the challenge and restore the original codes, it wouldn’t affect other challenges.

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