Help with SASS folder structures

Hi All,

I’m not too sure if I am setting up my SASS folders correctly, or if there are some industry standard ways that I should be building using.

Currently I have a main.scss which imports all my partial files. I keep my partial files in a subfolder. My general folder structure looks like:-
── main.scss
└── Partials
├── _card.scss //particular style that is repeating in a page, but if I was building multiple pages they usually have their own partial.
├── _generic.scss // contains styling for main/body/p etc
├── _mixins.scss // contains mixins
└── _variables.scss //contains variables

One issue that I was coming across with the above was using background images in the partial, when it compiles to css/main.css the path doesn’t work. For example in my partial I would have a path like ‘…/…/image/img1.png’, but as it is relative the main.css tries to look for the same path but it is one layer out.

Do you have any projects you could share with how you have set up SASS?

I appreciate your time and help!


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