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I feel like my code is right, it seems to work for other platforms. Can anyone tell me if I’ve made a mistake or if my method is so bad that it takes too long to run?

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
  // establish which is the larger num in the arr
  let largest = Math.max(...arr);
  let smallest = Math.min(...arr);
  let isFound = false;
  // ans will be the smallest common multiple found
  let ans;
  // start with a var equal to the larger num and test whether the num works
  // increment num until a multiple is found
  for (let num = largest; !isFound; num++) {
    if (testMultiple(smallest, largest, num)){
      // stop looping
      isFound = true;
      ans = num;
    } else {
      isFound = false;
  function testMultiple(lowerRange, higherRange, testNum) {
    // test the number for the given range
    for(let num = higherRange; num>= lowerRange; num--) {
      // if there is a remainder return false
      if (testNum % num != 0) {
        return false;
    // if it passes all tests return true
    return true;
  return ans;


let test = smallestCommons([1,12])

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If your solution loops excessively it trips the infinite loop protection on the FCC test environment. This is a really common problem when solving this challenge.

You are testing all numbers in a range as possible candidates for SCM when most of those could not possibly be SCM so your function loops tens of thousands of times. You’ll need to find a way to eliminate most of those impossible candidates so you are testing fewer numbers.

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Thank you, I thought this was probbaly the issue. I’ve got some thinking to do…