Help with some css problems

Hello Everyone im currently working on the survery form from the html-css projects.
this is my form -
A Pen by Niv Barsheshet (

i did some css on the main div, if you scorll down you can see there is a white row . i try to fix it . but everytime im adding a padding from the top its coming… any help ?

div {
  background-color: #fff;

This gives every div on the page a white background. The FCC test suites puts a div at the bottom of the page and you are turning it white because of this CSS. You probably don’t want to use a div to wrap your content anyway. I would suggest <main> instead.


In addition to this, it is highly recommended to use class (.classname) selectors instead of element name (div) selectors.

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thanks alot guys, so ill use a main for now . and in the futre ill use classes as it get more complicated . appricate the help.

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