Help with Survey Form - Cant pass the #14

my code: *

i litrealy copied from the example and it still dont pass the test.

What project are you doing? We need to know that to select the tests to execute to check, also please verify your email address

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Hi @VanDijk, it looks like you’re doing the survey form. Please in the future give as much info as possible to get the quickest and most accurate responses.

When the tests fail you’ll notice the button is red. Click on it and it will tell you why the test is failing. In the case of the survey form, test #14 fails because it expects to see checkboxes which you haven’t incorporated yet.

This is my pen you guys, on the Survey task. i cant pass the 14 rule:

  • User Story #14: Inside the form element, I can select several fields from a series of checkboxes, each of which must have a value attribute.


did you remove the test suite? it is much helpful to see what the tests not passing say to give you pointers

Looks as though you figured it out. The test shows 17/17. Good job.

thanks, now i am stuck in the next one, the Landing Page.

cant pass the #13 task : The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.

Not quite sure what’s got you stuck but you can try reviewing this lesson;

Or possibly doing a Google search to read up more about how to make a navbar always be on top.

You are not supposed to just copy the example code. You won’t learn anything doing that. You seem to have pretty much just changing the text and other page content.

The original code is targeting the header element you have made the selector a class (header vs .header).

I know im not supposed to copy, its just that even after finishing all the classes
, not only on freecode camp but also on udemy, w3schools and more,
i still cant think of how to write the code
on my own when im looking at the blank sheet…
maybe you have some advice for me?
how to start from scratch when gettin into a project?

Thank you.

BTW - i changed the header so it wont be a class anymore (delete the " . " )
now the nav bar is blocking the view of the rest of the page.
any advice?

if i delete
" background-color: #eee; " from the header
i can see what the nav is hiding
but when you scroll down it just look weird - overriding the text in the page.

Thank you guys!

It’s just part of the learning process, you have to fail a bunch and learn along the way. Nobody just builds a great page on their first try. The struggle is part of learning. It doesn’t matter how much you know (or think you know) until you actually use it and put it into practice it’s just abstract knowledge.

Don’t think of the page as being monolithic, think of it as little pieces that all fit together. Just start at the top and slowly work your way down the page, piece by piece. You can always revisit parts of the page again and make refinements or completely change them.

Try to have a vague idea “on paper” of what you want before you start with the code. Look for inspiration, try to recreate pages you have seen or just parts of pages.

Not sure what you mean? It is fixed so when you scroll it will obviously cover parts of the page. You did push the #hero section down using margin so that works. Also, notice that the header is not full width, you can add width: 100% to it.