Help with Survey Page

Hey I need help with this project. Im creating the survey page and Im stuck. I need to space everything out a little and create a transparent box behind the written content. I was working on this project and I stopped through the holidays and pretty much forgot what I was doing.

You have an unclosed tag here that is causing some trouble that you should fix first
<h1 id="Gamer"</h1
It is

Your pic and transparency look cool but you might want to focus on getting the html corrected first. You are only 25 lines in and already missing some basics of creating a form. I would suggest reviewing the form elements some and possibly having a reference handy. The test script for this project is checking mostly for html structure of your form. You could probably fulfill most, if not all, requirements with no CSS as all. Once you have that beat you can style at your leisure until you get just the look you want.

You will need to include the test script in your html so you can determine if you are meeting the requirements
<script src=""></script>

Good luck


Thanks I actually had more, what you saw was just me starting over i deleted everything and decided to start from scratch.