Help with text of a div disappearing

This is for my Technical Documentation project.

For my Navigation bar when the screen size is greater than 700px I am running into trouble.

Here part of the text for “Technical Documentation” as well as part of the text for “Advanced Spreads” disappear behind the radial-gradient background when you hover over the Navigation Bar. The lines formatting the #navbar are found between lines 72 and 87 . I think the trouble comes from lines 509-511. I currently have it set thus:

#navbar:hover {
    overflow-y: auto;

When I remove overflow-y the words stay put, however then the Navigation Bar won’t scroll if the height of the browser is insufficient to display the entire contents of the Navigation Bar.

Anyone have any ideas for solutions to this problem?

Thank you!

border-radius: 50%; is the culprit.

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Thank you very much!

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