Help with textarea boxes


Pardon some of the css at the end…ive been throwing random attemtpts to try and get the solution so it’s a bit sloppy.

I’m trying to get my text input boxes for the last 2 items to resize along with the entire form. as of now, if i squeeze the page, everything tightens but the boxes remain and go outside the border. Google hasnt helped me much.

One other unrelated (i think) issuie is that the placeholder text “age” in the your age question wont center within the box…

Feel free to include any other comments on my progress. TIA

Edit: adjusted the link

I can’t seem to access your codepen. But the general thing I’d try to resize something with its parent is max-width

I updated the link and it looks like its working right now.

One thing i think is happening is that the size of box is defaulting to the specs i gave in html of “rows=3 cols=67” . examples i found on google said I have to use those for accesability and maybe im not modifying those correctly…

ok I have visited your codepen and max-width does work on your textareas, personally I found:

#favorite, #change {
   margin:0 auto;

to look quite nice. I added display:block because your label text would occupy the same space as the textarea when there isn’t enough space on one line.
I subsequently added margin: 0 auto to deal with the textarea no longer centering

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