Help with the 25 + 5 Clock tests

Hey guys!

I’ve been stuck in this project for a week now, I have been trying to do this project in many different ways, but I never manage to pass more than 15 tests.

Now I tried to start the project from scratch, trying to pass test by test, but I’m stuck again.

I tried to make just the session and break length controls to see if I could make them pass the tests, to continue the rest of the project, but…

The session and break length controls seem to work perfectly fine, they don’t even allow the user to go beyond 60 minutes or below 1 minute, and even update the display, but they do not pass the tests.

Could you guys give me some feedback of what is wrong with my code?

I would like to pass these tests to continue and work on the rest of the app.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You’ve got to look at the error message and go from there. For example the first error, the test expects an h1 tag with id=‘title’ and I don’t see that in your return statement. If you don’t know how to check the error, click on the button ‘Test x/17’ right below ‘Run Tests’.

Hey doubleUTF! Thanks for your reply.

But are you sure you executed the right tests? Because I don’t see any test expecting a h1 tag with id=“title” within the 25 + 5 clock test suite.

The only test that I see this h1 tag with id=“title” is the one for the survey form.

I managed to finally pass all the tests!

Apparently you have to make all the functionalities work first, then do the tests.

If any of you is interested on how I did the code, it is still available in the link above, in the first post.

Anyway, thank you for your time. I believe the thread might be closed now. :slight_smile:

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Great job Arman!
just I am finishing the JS course currently, I always curious about how knowledgeable am I going to be when I finish the JS and React course, I am interested to work as an intern but i’m afraid i won’t be ready enough or at least i don’t have any confidence right now. that would be great if you share with me how do you feel about your skills after you’ve done all the courses and projects? appreciate it in advance!

Hey Lars!

I learned a lot by finishing the JS and React course! But I guess I learned more by doing projects.

The knowledge that the FCC course provided was essential for me to get started, but I think that the experience I acquired by doing projects was even more important. I have been doing the Front End Development Libraries Projects for a month now, and I finally finished all of them.

I have a lot of confidence on my React skills now, but I intend to keep studying, at least until I have the minimum knowledge of a Technology Stack, such as MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node).

Only then I’ll try to apply for a internship or something like that. :slight_smile:

I hope I could be of help for you.


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Thanks Arman! very helpful!