Help with the order of challenges

Which Challenge should i do after HTML/CSS and Bootstrap challenges??? should i do jquery or basic javascript??

Even I had the same doubt few weeks ago.
The reason why Jquery is taught first instead of javascript is because u are currently doing with amateur web designes and using jQuery u will find it interesting.Even i did, it u also try.The chapter in fcc includes very basic syntaxes and other concepts which can be understood without javascript

ok thank you :blush:

Quick question: I hopped from the “Add a Submit Button to a Form” challenge in HTML/CSS to doing the whole “Responsive Design with Bootstrap” and whole “jQuery” list of challenges and then had to build the tribute page. Once I was done with that challenge it went straight to building a portfolio page.

Did something go wrong? Is it supposed to skip halfway through the HTML/CSS challenges, or did it somehow get out of order for me?

It is the corect order…don’t worry.
As u progress and learn more awesome things try to update the portfolio page by adding some cool effects and javascripts.

I actually went back and did the HTML/CSS stuff that was not done and it seems like I was supposed to learn all that before going to jQuery, so I must have somehow skipped those challenges accidentally.