Help with the Tribute Page

i’m trying to use jQuery to color to give a background color my right well, where do i write my jQuery code using codepen, i’m kinda lost…

JQuery is javascript, just a JS library, so you’d put it in your javascript pane.

Here is an example codepen. It just creates a box and uses JQ to toggle the background color.

I should note also that you need to load jQuery into the codepen through settings/javascript/quick-add. It’s already added here, but you’d have to do it for any fresh codepen, and do the same for any other libraries you’re using.

would you take a look at the comments i made in the HTML section ?

I think that in BS 4, “well” has been replaced with “card”. You can use that or use BS 3.

Also, your line:

      <div class="well" id="left-well" class="center">

Both of those classes can be written together, separated by a space:

      <div class="well center" id="left-well">