Help with this, please

Since I am a beginner, I have also been going over the JS tutorials on openclassrooms and have come to the last challenge app for tracking book reading. So the thing is if the input pagenumber is the last pagenumber the book should be considered “read” . I checked it in console and the value turns to “true” so when I click the update the page numbers it works but the frame doesn’t turn green.

class Book {
  constructor (title, author, pages, description, currentPage, read) {
    this.title = title; = author;
    this.pages = pages;
    this.description = description;
    this.currentPage = currentPage; = read;
      readBook(pageNumber) {
      if (pageNumber > this.pages) {
        alert("Page number doesn't exist")
      }else if (pageNumber === this.pages) {
        this.currentPage =; = true;
      }else {
        this.currentPage = pageNumber;
const firstBook = new Book ("Eternal love", "John Smith", 300, "Love Book", 1, false);
const secondBook = new Book ("Eternal hate", "John Doe", 200, "Hate book", 1, false);
const thirdBook = new Book ("Crime drama", "John Johnson", 350, "Crime book", 1, false);

const bookList = [firstBook, secondBook, thirdBook];

Hi m1rso to changing the frame colour you have to put some styling after checking if read status is TRUE

below is example of DO_SOME_STYLING_WITH_JS:

var elem=document.getElementById('book')

it’s mean to find element with id=“book” then change the background colour to red

since I don’t know your javascript function at update button I assume this is what you looking for
CMIIW and happy coding :smiley:

Thank you for your help. I know about styling using JS and I know that which you recommended.
What I’m talking about is this:

This is a link that leads to that challenge. Now you can paste my codes into respective js. files. class in book.js, and books in database.js.
Now everything was alreaded coded before so when I add the pagenumbers to change the value to true the frame in the screenshot should turn green, I don’t have to do the styling.