Help with Tribute Page - Image Centering

Good day,

I am working on my tribute page. The only issue I still have is the requirement to center the image. I have got it centered, or it appears centered, when the page is full width. However when resizing the browser window, it moves a little leftward, and more white space gathers on the right. This happens across all the elements below it. So I assume it’s not unique to the image element. However, the test is failing. I don’t know if the white space and the failed image test are two separate issues. Please can you help:

Thank you.

Hi would love to help
But, when I open your site I see many images?? which one do you mean?

.img {
position: center;

would ussualy do the trick for me or look at w3schools for how to center an image

Hi KittyKora

It’s the main image at the top with the id=image. I tried using position:center; on it, but it is still failing the test.

Sorry, after fiddling some more, it seems it has come right.
Thank you for your help!
The testing mechanism wanted me to use display:block;

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