Help With Tribute Page That I'm Mirroring

I’ve already completed my tribute page but didn’t feel satisfied with my progress so I thought of trying to check other projects and see if I could mirror it for practice. I found this project called Harambe and it looks cool. I viewed his/her code once and then tried to build it from scratch. It almost looks the same except I’m having trouble with the first paragraph box(white) that seems to be extending a bit to the right. Also, seems to take the whole width of jumbotron/container when window size is small. I can’t seem to fix it. Help!

Original Harambe Code:

My Practice Code:

Also, I’d like to know if my use of rows and cols are ok or not. Thanks :slight_smile:

The font family is (body):
font-family: “El Messiri”, “BenchNine”, “Patua One”, sans-serif;

The font size is (body):
font-size: 14px;

The titles(h3) font-weight && font-size:
font-weight: 500;
font-size: 24px;

And it does have more margin on both side.
Add some paddinh to your right div next to your monkey image

On google chrome, you can check element with F12 (look for the upper left new icone like a clicker. You can select elements with it)

Thanks for replying. :slight_smile: I checked with chrome developer tools and i found the mistake. I applied the section class directly to col divs. Just had to created div with section class inside col divs and that did the trick! :blush:

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Your link " japanese guy that burns down his apartment" doesn’t work, you let #

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oh thanks! :slight_smile: I wasn’t actually focusing much on the links. Just on the page layout