Help with video and elements of Product Landing Page


I can’t seem to understand how to put my elements in places where I want them. All or most of it are just in the left side.

I also have been trying to experiment how to move the video at the bottom and middle of the page. I think something is wrong with the code for the logo I used since it covers whatever is below it.

Can someone please check my code and which parts are wrong?
Pen is found below. Thank you!!

A Pen by juanita (

Use position: sticky instead of position: fixed for the header menu in this case and you will already see a lot more improvement.

Edit: Why I insisted on using position: sticky is because it is similar to relative and doesn’t take things out of the flow of the document whereas fixed is similar to absolute.

For positioning rest of the content use flexbox or grid and plan out the HTML markup corresponding to it.

If you are struggling to write proper HTML markup I recommend going to youtube and coding along just this once with a good front end youtube creator. There a lot of options so pick an easy project and see how they structure their HTML markup and you will get a rough idea of how things need to be.

Thank you, pmarwadi7. It worked. I’ll check youtube on how to get the positioning for my elements right.

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