Help with weather app


Can’t figure out why my getweather function does not work, mainly why the url does not work, seems like the variable location would not have a value but why, it clearly has a value.

I also tried to add a return value (location) to my getlocation function and use that to make sure that location has a value in getweather function but that did not help.

here’s my pen:

working fine for me … shows … clouds … 9.0 celcius
in fact i commented out getlocation(); … dont need it as you are using it in getweather function … i just copied this line of code from it … $("#location").html(location); and added it to the getweather() function and put it under this line location = + “,” +;

out put for me is
9.0 celsius

yes I was able to get it working but as you noticed I had to make it so that getlocation() is useless, just dont understand why the value that getlocation() inserts to variable location does not seem to “stay in”. I mean that even though getlocation() sets the correct value and displays it after that when getweather() uses the same variable location it is empty.

when you call
it works like this
getlocation(); … runs and takes certain amount of time to get info … (looks real fast to us)
get-weather();; … this runs … but as getlocation has not received the data yet … this is running without the required info and fails to do its job
getlocation(); … now finished has retrieved the data … but get-weather();has already run

this is why you run getlocation(); … and call get-weather(); from inside the getlocation function…
getweather() is then only called after the required info comes back from getlocation.

ok, that makes sense. Thank a lot! got to keep this in mind, I just assumed that getlocation has to finish before getweather is started. I haven’t come across this previously in Java and Scala programming courses, maybe they work differently…

Heres a repl … using settimeout to show how code runs … you will see how even though something is called first it could be last result back
It uses setTimeout function … kind of like how requests to api work only slowed down so you can see
also it uses promises so you can get a feel for how they work if your able to figure out whats going on