Help with weather application

I want to display the weather description. But i am getting undefined in result. Please tell me what to do. Here is my link link

I think, it’s already working right? :smiley:

ya but i asked about the description like light rain, snow etc. but i solved the matter. New link is link
i know i have to add some more features. But is it working correctly in your area?

Works perfectly. I think that if you include info about the location of the user would be better, and it’s already in the json response :wink:

working on it. To add city name, humidity etc. Thank you for your reply.

Cool let me know when you finish. I would like to check it again :slight_smile:

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Thank you.:grinning:

I completed the application. Now have a look at it and let me know how it is?

It works perfectly. Two small remarks:

  • I would add the country, next to the location -> Paris, France
  • I would set the background-image with no repetition -> background-size: cover;

Hope it helps you :wink: