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Hello all,
this question is not regarding freecodecamp. is about a website I’m trying to replicate as practice. The website is hosted on a wordpress site; but there’s a functionality that I haven’t been able to figure out yet. and that’s what I need help with. the page has a list of all the real state property this company has available. How can I find what method is used to display the properties? I looked at the code (inspect) on chrome, and it seems to be rendered on a iframe. and the connection is to localhost port 3000. Is this a node server and wordpress together?.. if someone can help thanks!

Listings such as these come from MLS, a system that Realitors/Brokers can subscribe to and add to their site by using various plugins and or other available cms software.

If this is wordpress, they are probably using an MLS plugin, there are a bunch for wordpress. The good news is that for the freeones you can download and look at the code. It’s probably a combination of PHP and html.

Also, you can plug the site into to get an idea of what they used.

thanks that website is really helpful. It gives detail information, but mls or idx is not listed there… that was what I thought initially they were using. Even if they are using wordpress plugins it would show as a service.

They use Appfolio which would take their MLS info.

hey… thanks for all the help. Do you know if they have to be registered as a broker in order to get those listings?

as far as I know, you must have real estate license to get access to their feeds, but you can get the data from, zillow and other sites, but I don’t know if anything is available in feed form

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