Help with wikipedia search project

Hi I was nearing the end of my wikipedia project when I suddenly realized I cannot scroll through my page. Before I started working on the animations I could scroll fine now I can’t and I can’t figure out why. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I fixed it by removing the class that centers the element after the animation is complete, I believe it was the fixed position that was interfering with it. Now my animation is a bit wonky but it scrolls again. If someone sees a better solution it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

I just tried it and everything scrolled fine. Not sure as the code(s): ( html/css/js ) appears to be intact and so on.

FYI - You should only be loading one version of Bootstrap (3 or 4) and not both which you are currently doing. It can causes unexpected results on different browsers.

Also, you will not need to load as it does not appear you are using it. Also, it does not appear you are using, so remove it. The more external libraries you load, it just makes you page load slower on slower connections. Only load what you need.