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I am having issues getting my images to appear. I am pulling it from my computer and this is the code I used.

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Hey there,

I can’t reach your page but the problem seems to be in the “I am pulling it from my computer” part of your post.
Images that are being displayed on the web should reside on the web. Your code is now looking for an image called “honey_dos” in the same location as where your page is. Since this is a different location then your computer it cannot find the image.

Try uploading your image to a hosting party ( for example) and use the URL of that image as the source in your tag.

Good luck!

can I upoad it into

Apparently you can with GoDaddy Photo album. I am not a customer of them so I don’t know the details.
Personally I only have experience with Photobucket but you can also use Google Photo’s or one of the many other websites that offer these services.