Help! You should give the first input a value matching the label text content

Am stuck with the puzzle

<ul class="answers-list">
                  <label for="q1-a1">
                    <input type="radio" id="q1-a1" name="true" />True
                  <label for="q1-a2">
                    <input type="radio" id="q1-a2" name="false" />False

Is this for a challenge? We’d need a link to that - we don’t have them all memorized.

yes, it is for a challenge. here is the link

OK, so this is for the first set of radio buttons, you have this…

I see the instructions:

Give the label elements text such that the input comes before the text. Then, give the input elements a value matching the text.

Does the value you’ve given match the text of the label? Exactly?