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hello guys, i would like to write a code in javascript that would randomly take 4 people from a list of names and put them in a 4 month table, where each would have a month assigned to them. each of them will receive at the end of their month a sum of money and at the end of the 4 months, they will receive a common fixed amount. I hope such code could be written in js, I don’t know, thank you

Coding is less about the “what is possible?” and more about “possible to do what?” Or more straight forward, what are the requirements of what you want to build?

So far the requirements are the following:

There are a few issues with these requirements that are left out.

It’s not clear what you mean by “put 4 people into a 4 month table” which 4 months, whats a “table” in this context? Where does the list of people come from? Does it change?

What do you mean by “each will receive at the end of their month a sum of money”? What amount?

JavaScript is just a language, which is just a tool to tell the computer what to do. But you’ll need more “materials” to build anything substantial. An analogy would be asking a carpenter to build a piece of furniture using a screw driver. Specifying the tool(s) doesn’t necessarily define what you want to be built. (it could also be the totally wrong tool for the job!)

So we’d probably need more context about what the problem at hand, and general ideas of how you’d like to solve it.

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