Here are my FCC notes

HI everyone.

I started FCC way over a year ago, but there was a lot of personal things that happened, and I am on my 4th restart. I was not making notes because a lot of the things are rather clear and straight forward, and you get in a state of “that’s easy” feeling notes are a waste of time, since you can always go back to FCC page. But than on every reset I was not sure what I remember and what not. I decided to “make notes” as in pretty much copy paste the FCC content to one big file, so if I ever have to go back again, I can just scan it and see what I am missing.

I did that with javascript and OO and Functional programming sections. I am also keeping a reference file with links.
I am not guaranteeing it is 100% accurate, but I thought I share it here, if someone finds it useful. EDIT look down

I may change the look of it in the future using some documentation generator, but not for now.


I actually decided to spend 20 minutes and find some documentation generator and found one I like. It is not perfect. What annoys me the most is that the code is not next to comments, but it has search function and makes it easy to tweak markdown a little.

I had not finished proting all notes yet, so it is work in progress, but the main repo is and the notes are generated here:


Looks great. I am planning to do something similar with all my programming notes (not just FCC) but I haven’t decided if I’ll put it up for public consumption on github or just a private repo in bitbucket. I prefer taking my own notes too because I often end up wanting to re-organize the material in a way that flows better for me. I was going to try this Grav skeleton, have you seen it?


Oh man! It is awesome, and has a good search functionality. That is my biggest thing. I want to use it in the future for code snippets as well. But I do not want to spend more time making notes than studying and coding. I decided to put it in public as a self-accountability tool :slight_smile:

What I like about slate is that you can generate one big file and just scroll in the future when you forget what was the name of something. But I will keep Grav linked. It has a lot of potential for other use-cases. Thanks for sharing!

I also changed the name of the repo from freecodecampnotes to javascript because I can see it growing in the future. And people keep asking “what did you use outside of FCC”. So hopefully one day when I have a job I can send them to my notes and say: hey, this is what I used :slight_smile:

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Upload your notes. They can help a lot of people.

Here is a very well made cheat sheet: Online Interactive JavaScript (JS) Cheat Sheet