Here is my first tribute page

Here is my first tribute page.
Please anyone feedback.
In fact, there is a story of fiction, but very known person of my nation. Have some fun


Empty <p> element:

<img src=""  class=!img-responsive" alt="The unknown portrait of Jara Cimrman">
<p> </p> <--here

I think this code is a quote:

<cite>I'm leaving, but the next one will come. The younger, the  stranger one. The Reaper. He will not chatter." </cite>

The HTML Citation Element () represents a reference to a creative work. It must include the title of a work or a URL reference, which may be in an abbreviated form according to the conventions used for the addition of citation metadata.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thank for your advices. Yes, it is a citaton, and I had used a -cite- at first. But I was uncertain, to use it inside responsible style.

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